Introducing the RDportal . . .

We are extremely excited to announce that over the month of December we will be replacing our Qualia client portal with a NEW custom client portal, we call the RDportal. We will be sending out invitations to the RDportal as we open new files in December and we will be transitioning existing files over in the first few weeks of December.

You may be asking why we are launching a new portal, and we are happy to answer! First, the RDportal is being built specifically to help our investor clients. Since opening, we have used a portal to help our investor clients organize and manage multiple closings at once. This new portal will better define roles with specific user types for the various investor clients we work with.

Next, we constantly listen to feedback and we know that messaging within Qualia was a “love/hate relationship.” Many of our clients loved it, but others didn’t like sending messages within the portal. With our new system, all notification emails will be sent via regular email with documents still held in the portal for both security and future access. We have found that this hybrid approach will help make communication easier while ensuring that the transaction is safe for all parties.

Additionally, we’ve now added TEXT MESSAGE notifications to our client portal. Instead of just getting emails for important milestones in your file, we will also send text messages, making it easier for those on the go, or those that don’t use email, to track along with the status of the file.

While talking about text messages, we must also talk about Ardee! Ardee is our new automated assistant that can be accessed both on our website and by texting us at (913) 777-4738. Ardee can answer many questions related to your closing, including the status of the file, when and where a closing is located, if we have received an EMD, or if the parties have signed. Ardee can also provide copies of your closing docs, wire instructions, and other documents related to your file, via text message 24 hours per day.

These are just some of the exciting features of the new RDportal, and we will be sharing more details over the coming weeks as we go through the process of implementing all the new features. If you like the new portal (or hate it), we want to hear your feedback. Please feel free to comment below or send us a message with your thoughts on the new portal and how it can improve your closing experience.