How Do Our Online Closings Work?

As the seller, there will be several documents that you will need to notarize as part of the online closing. To accomplish this, we utilize a company called notarize.com. How it works is that you will get an email from Notarize.com, which includes a link that you can use to review the documents. When you are ready to complete your side of the transaction, you will click on the link in the email, verify your identity and e-sign the documents. If you would like more information on the process, you can view the video below.

You do not need to worry about signing your documents early as we will hold the documents in escrow and will not record anything until all parties have signed and the money is fully cleared. Therefore, you can complete your side of the online closing as soon as you receive the email from notarize.com.

Online Closing for Buyers

Most of the time, the buyer does not need to have any documents notarized as part of the online closing. If that’s the case in your closing, you will receive an email directly from our office that will look like the below image.

Similar to the online notary process, you will simply click on the “review document” link to review and e-sign your documents. You can do this anytime prior to 5pm on your scheduled closing date and we will hold all documents in trust until all parties have signed and all funds have been received.

You can learn more about our full closing process by going to Closing Process – Rick Davis Real Estate.