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Haves & Wants – Real Estate PROP-erty Shop – Virtual on Thursdays

July 11 @ 9:00 am - 10:00 am

Not sure what the heck this meeting is all about – you really have to experience it a few times to understand how powerful this event is.

PROP-erty Shop
This is where you bring what you have and ask for what you want.

* Have a deal to sell . . . share it
* Have a deal to fund . . . tell about what you need.
* Got skills . . or knowledge . . . share what you have to trade.
* Do you lend money . . . share your terms and ideal deal.
* Heck, do you have a fridge in a house that works or leftover materials from a rehab . . . maybe you will find a taker here.
* Do you need any of the above items? Come ask for them.

If it is real estate related or adjacent, join us on the call to talk shop. And as we talk shop, a pattern starts to emerge. . . Through the combined knowledge, skills, and resources of the group solutions get found.

Want to get creative or need a bit of help?

Perhaps you have a rehab house to wholesale, but would really like to rehab it yourself but you can’t buy it and you don’t own a tool. There is another attendee who is a great contractor with many years of rehabbing houses for investors, but no money to buy the rehab house. But also at the meeting is a private lender that likes the rehab deal too, but does not have a contractor . . . all three of them know like, and trust each other from networking at this meeting, they get together through this meeting and talk things through and form a partnership. The attorney on the call gives them some pointers about going into business together. And suddenly they partner up for one deal, all bringing their own assets to the table.

Or maybe you are a seasoned investor with a full plate and an awesome seller lead on a house that you just don’t have time for, you could shop it at this event and find someone else to do the deal and flip you a referral fee.

Or maybe you have a killer deal, that you have negotiated a great subject to deal that could rent and cash flow very well. At the same time you really need CASH, not cash flow right now. Bring it to this meeting and find someone to wholesale it to.

The possibilities are endless . . . don’t have anything you have or want, just come to listen in, you just might learn things through others talking through the deal.

To register, [click here](https://www.mareimember.com/Calendar.aspx) to go to our Calendar of Events and Select the upcoming Thursday Meeting.


July 11
9:00 am - 10:00 am