Viewing Qualia Messages

We send all of our communications through the Qualia Connect client portal. We do this for several reasons, including keeping the messages associated with your file and ensuring that all attachments are sent securely. With that being said, by default, the body of the message will send to you via regular email and you can reply simply by replying to the email like you would any other email. If you’d prefer all of your messages be fully secured, you can toggle this feature on or off using these instructions –

To view a message within the Qualia Client portal, you will simply either click on the link in the message or go to Once there, you will click open the closing for which the message applies to and then click on the “Inbox” tab.

From there, you simply click on the message to view its contents. You can reply by typing your message in the box below the message and clicking reply. You can add attachments by clicking on “Upload File’ in the bottom right corner.

Finally, if there are any documents associated with this message, you can view those by simply clicking on the attachment in the message. (Note: you may need to turn off your popup blocker to view attachments. Here are instructions on how to do this: Safari, Chrome, Edge, Internet Explorer, and Firefox.)