People + Technology = A Better Closing Experience

Whether this is your first time buying or selling real estate or you are an experienced real estate investor or agent, our client portal, Qualia, helps to streamline the closing process while keeping you informed each step of the way.

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There are a lot of parties involved in a real estate transaction, including the buyer and seller, realtors, lenders, and the title company.  Using Qualia ensures that all parties have 24/7 access to all of the information about the closing so that everyone stays on the same page and informed about the closing.

24/7 Access

There’s no waiting for an update on your closing.  Whether it’s 2am or a holiday, you can check on the status of your closing, view documents, and more.  Better yet, you can do it from a smart phone or tablet by downloading the Qualia Connect App from the Apple App Store or Google Play Marketplace.


Statistics show that over 1/3 of all real estate transactions are targeted for fraud.  By using Qualia, we ensure that all information about our closings is stored securely and that everyone can feel comfortable that the parties they are taking to are in fact those parties and not imposters.

All Of Your Closings in One Place

If you are a real estate agent, loan officer, real estate investor, or are purchasing and selling more than one property, Qualia makes it easy to follow the progress of each of your files through each milestone, and to know that every file is moving toward closing.  You can view lists of all open closings, closings, placed on hold, and your closed files and access of the documents from each closing, anytime and from any computer, smart phone, or tablet.

A “Pizza Tracker” for Closings.

Similar to a pizza tracker that tells you when your order has been received, where it is in the cooking process, and when it’s out for deliver, each matter in Qualia will have a progress tracker that will show what step the closing is on, the next steps, and provide a easy and convenient way to send messages to the team that is handling your closing.

All of Your Documents

Whether it be the contract, your closing documents, or the recorded deed and title policy after closing, documents a central part of all real estate transactions.  Qualia provides you with 24/7 access to all of the documents for your closing both during the closing and for years after the closing so you never have to dig through records or reach out to the title company and wait for them to dig through a file cabinet to find the documents from your closing to send over to you.

Send and Receive Secure Messages

The most common fraud in real estate involves a bad person pretending to be one of the parties to the closing.  This person can be very convincing because they steal details about the closing that were sent via unsecured email.  Because they know all of these details, it can be very hard to spot an imposter.  As a result, money is sent to the wrong person instead of the title company or seller.  Using a secure messaging platform like Qualia makes it much more difficult for people to obtain information so as to engage in these fraudulent practices.

Do It All On a Smartphone

We know you aren’t always in front of a computer.  As such, Qualia Connect features an iPhone and Android app that allows you to have access to all of the details about your closing, access documents, complete tasks and more all while on the go.  You can download the Qualia Connect App from the Apple App Store or Google Play Marketplace.

Need Help Using Qualia?  Click here to view our Qualia Help Guide.